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What is Cynaptics?

Cynaptics brings together two core needs in the market. Organizations whoi are looking to test the cyber health of thier IT Infrastructure and Pentesters who are looking to assignments. This is a meeting ground for both the parties. Giving flexiblity, transparency and value for money.

Why Cynaptics?


All projects and Pen Testers are carefully screened by our team before posting it on the site.

Secured Transaction

Once you make the payment to Cynaptics for the Project. The money is retained with Cynaptics only to be released once the project is completed by the Pen Tester.

Top Sellers

All Pen Testers are carfully screened by our team and need to go thru a Skill Assesement Test. The rating of which is visible on thier profile page.

How Cynaptics Works?

1. Shortlist

Enter details of your Project. Define what you are looking for.

2. Evaluate

Select and Pen Tester and talk to them. Map if the selected Pen Tester is able to provide the service you want.

3. Order

Place your order. Your payment is secured with Cynaptics and relesed only on completion of work.