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This type of pen test is the most common requirement for the pen testers. It aims to discover vulnerabilities and gaps in the network infrastructure of the clients. Since the network could have both internal and external access points, so it is mandatory to run tests locally at the client site and remotely from the outer world.

The testers should target the following network areas in their penetration tests.

  • Firewall config testing.
  • Stateful analysis testing.
  • Firewall bypass testing.
  • IPS deception.
  • DNS level attacks which include.
    • Zone transfer testing.
    • Switching or routing based testing.
    • Any miscellaneous network parameter testing.

Also, there are a set of software modules which the penetration test should cover are as follows.

  • SSH client/server tests.
  • Network databases like MYSQL/SQL Server.
  • Exchange or SMTP mail servers.
  • FTP client/server tests.